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LIT stands for Low Impact Training. A combination of personal training, physical therapy, and injury prevention, LIT Method and its proprietary LIT Strength Machine are a method and machine designed to change the way people approach fitness and ultimately build bodies, not break them. With no running, no jumping, and no weights, LIT is for everyone.​

Inside a state-of-the-art LIT studio, fitness enthusiasts of all types can strap into a proprietary LIT Strength Machine and perform Pilates, rowing, or strength training workouts reimagined with a high-intensity, Low Impact Training approach. 

 The LIT Strength Machine is the world’s only all-in-one rower, reformer, and strength trainer. LIT's unique combination of pilates, rowing, and strength training sets this revolutionary fitness franchise apart from every other brand on the market. 


At its core, LIT is a living, breathing hybrid of innovation. Why have a method but not a machine? Why have one revenue stream and not multiple? Why limit your revenue to the four walls of the group fitness setting when you can provide the best of both worlds? 


With an extensive background in product design, physical therapy, and personal training, our founders have created a wellness and tech company that not only offers the premiere fitness philosophy for longevity and injury prevention, but also the first-of-its-kind franchise model for coupling digital and physical fitness experiences.

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LOW IMPACT TRAINING (LIT) is a combination of personal training, physical therapy, and injury prevention known for delivering results, not injuries.


The LIT Strength Machine is an all-in-one rower, reformer, and strength trainer that performs 500+ exercises and has a suite of proprietary accessories.  With 10-40lbs of adjustable water resistance, the LIT Strength Machine is perfect for users with a variety of fitness goals.


Our high-Intensity, Low Impact Training workout is a one-of-a-kind experience.  Classes are conducted in a dark setting, with dim lights, and energetic music.  All instructors are LIT Method Certified and use LIT's three primary teaching guidelines: Motivate, Inspire and Educate.

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Developed by husband and wife duo Justin and Taylor Norris in 2016, the innovative Low Impact Training (LIT) Method is a combination of personal training, physical therapy, and injury prevention. 


Created in response to their own experience with injuries, and in an effort to provide a sustainable fitness alternative to others with similar challenges, the duo coupled rowing and resistance bands for its flagship group fitness studio in West Hollywood, California. Known for its promise of ‘no running, no jumping, and no weights,’ and for delivering results, not injuries, the brand gained a growing cult following affectionately referred to as the BOLTCULT. Two years later, the Norrises prototyped the patent-pending LIT Strength Machine — and in 2020, it debuted as the world’s only all-in-one rower, reformer, and strength trainer. 


With the LIT Strength Machine, celebrity endorsements, and a goal of helping people change their approach to fitness, LIT Method has expanded and is looking for franchise partners to join the company and fulfill its mission of empowering others to build bodies, not break them.



With the LIT Strength Machine — an all-in-one rower, reformer and strength trainer — franchise partners will have a single piece of equipment setting them apart from any other brand on the market.

By offering 500+ exercises in cardio, barre, rowing, strength training, Pilates, and more — your franchise community can expect a variety of fitness categories available in a single studio setting.


Resistance up to 100lbs, eight different anchor points, and 500+ exercises focusing on building strength, power, and mobility.


Adjustable water resistance from 10-40lbs, an extended footplate for injury prevention, and an elevated seat to reduce tension on your back for a first of its kind, sustainable rowing experience.


Pilates reformer reimagined for exercises such as leg and arm circles, rows, the frog, and the hundred — providing maximum versatility in a 360-degree setting around the machine.

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